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Building Compliance
Building Compliance

Building Compliance

Our parent company, Stroma, offers a full range of building compliance services.


Stroma is a market-leader in building sustainability and compliance, with a commitment to excellence, customer service and innovation. Stroma Certification, Stroma Software and Stroma Tech deliver expansive and flexible solutions for the built environment and energy efficiency sectors.

Stroma Tech Building Compliance Services

Stroma Tech’s integrated testing, assessment and consultancy services complement Greendoor by supporting clients throughout the development of sustainable, energy efficient and legally compliant buildings. They identify the optimal measures for meeting carbon reduction and energy efficiency targets, whilst also improving occupier comfort levels.

Energy Assessors, Acousticians and Air Tightness Experts

With a network of approved energy assessors, acousticians and air tightness experts, Stroma Tech provide an efficient and cost-effective service for new and existing buildings in the residential, public and commercial sectors.


Building, Construction & Refurbishment

  • Residential Developments
    • Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) Assessments & Advice
    • BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment Assessments
    • SAP Calculations, PEAs & EPCs – SAP2005, SAP2009 & SAP2012
  • Commercial Developments
    • BREEAM Assessments & Consultancy (includes BREEAM AP)
    • SBEM & Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM) Calculations & EPCs
    • Noise, Dust and Vibration Consultancy and Monitoring
  • Supporting Services & Consultancy
    • Overheating & Thermal Comfort Assessments
    • Thermal Bridging Calculations (Ψ - Values)
    • Daylight Simulation
    • Water Efficiency Calculations (Part G)
    • Heat Loss & CIBSE Gain Calculations
  • Pre-Construction Assessments & Consultancy
    • Flood Risk Assessments
    • Contaminated Land Assessments
    • Air Quality Assessments
    • Ecological Assessments

Compliance Testing & Consultancy Services

  • Air Tightness Testing & Consultancy
  • Sound Insulation & Acoustic Testing & Consultancy
  • Room Integrity Testing
  • Thermographic Surveying

Property Management Services

  • Energy & Carbon Reduction Services
    • Energy Management & Consultancy
    • ESOS Compliant Energy Audits
    • Level 5 Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM)

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