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Building Control in Aylesbury

What is Involved In a Building Control Inspection?

Building Inspectors, District Surveyors and Approved Inspectors are entrusted with the job of ensuring the safety of people in and about buildings. The process is fairly simple, all a homeowner is expected to do is answer questions and provide as much information as possible. It is possible to change this information later on.

What Approved Inspectors do when they are on a visit?

The first responsibility the inspectors have is to find out whether or not you have a good plan in place. They will check for possible contraventions of the regulations. This is done by checking all information against Building Regulations and Building Control approved documents.

Are there different inspectors for homes and offices?

Generally not, but there is a definite difference in the way assessments are carried out and the regulations that apply. There are also some similarities, for instance, SAP Calculations and SBEM Calculations are necessary to get a proper idea of energy expenses that a homeowner or commercial property owner is likely to incur in the long run. This is necessary for both homes and offices. But if you are planning for Domestic Extensions the inspectors are most likely to require a SAP calculation when excessive areas of windows / door openings are considered.

What about expenses?

There is some uniformity across the board regarding Building Control Fees. There may be slight variations of small amounts but there should not be any major difference in the fees. Nonetheless, conduct a thorough search for all inspectors serving in Aylesbury.

How to find reliable inspectors?

Aylesbury is serviced by several reputed building inspectors. Some have experience of over several years in helping home owners abide by legislations and laws. It should not be difficult to find them online or in your telephone directory.