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Building Control in Bradford

Gaining approval with the building regulations is important before commencing work but not essential. Approval means that often you builder can simply follow a plan in order to complete the work.

Once an application for a new buildings or domestic extensions has been given the green light by the local planning authority, the next step would be to obtain the building control officers approval. Building Control Surveyors or as sometime known District surveyors enforce the governments requirement of the building regulations.

All new homes are required to have a SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) rating attained through SAP software which can be obtained through our parent company Stroma. For commercial buildings SBEM Calculations are required, the calculations gauge the standard energy efficiency achieved.

Under Part L1A of the Building Regulations, SAP Calculations have been mandatory for new dwellings since 2006. They can also be used as a tool for building extensions and conversions under Part L1B of the building regulations.

To gain building regulations consent you can apply from your council or you can appoint a private approved inspectors . Approved inspectors overcome the need to appoint the Local Authority Building control department.

Traditional the Local Authority allow two methods for achieving compliance, the Building Notice and the Full Plans application. Most approved inspectors do not require the completion of an application for, instead they work with you to achieve compliance throughout the duration of the scheme.

At the outset of a scheme the Approved Inspector submits a document called the initial notice to the council to confirm that they will be taking over control from the council. If the approved inspector does not believe that the works comply with the building regulations they will not issue the final certificate. If disagreement arises between the client and the approved inspector, which cannot be resolved, they may cancel the initial notice and responsibility for verifying compliance with building regulations is then likely to revert back to the local authority. Approved inspectors charge building control fees which are often far less than local authorities. Approved inspectors give a hands-on service from experts who will help you to find solutions to all building regulations problems.

Choose the best experienced and professionally qualified building inspectors in Bradford that could and also support with structural engineering as well as also help you with all necessary approvals for your new property.