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Building Control in Canterbury

Building regulations are integral part of construction process. Contractors may grumble when the building inspectors show up, but those inspectors are looking out for your well being and welfare when they inspect your construction project site. Building regulations approval is required for all building works in the UK. These regulations that apply across England and Wales are set out in the Building Act, 1984. The regulations made under the Act have been periodically updated, rewritten, with the latest and current version being the Building Regulations 2016.

These regulations ensure that construction projects are built according to the minimum regulations which require specific techniques and materials. For example, they require certain type of wiring for electric outlets and lines and they require the wiring to be tied down in specific ways, so that it’s not hanging loose behind your walls. These building codes protect you from shabby workmanship, so it is extremely important that your contractor complies with the building control officer's requests and comments. Even for domestic extensions and small renovations permits are required. It is mandatory to have SAP Calculations and SBEM Calculations to receive energy performance certificates for extensions also. Building extension is less expensive than purchasing a new home and it gives you the opportunity to customise the new room or rooms the way you want them.

Thus it is better to choose approved inspectors in Canterbury right from the beginning of the construction process who work with experienced district surveyors and have a vast experience in structural engineering . They ensure to get all approvals from local authorities and take good care of the design and materials. They will complete all the dirty work, so that you can lay back and enjoy your sweet home. Just ensure that you discuss the building control fees they charge and make a thorough research prior to your choice.