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Building Control in Darlington

The Construction Industry Council has been given powers by the Government to approve independent Approved Inspectors.

The approved inspector, similar to Local Authority Building Control, checks that construction works complies with the government standards of the Building Regulations.

The Building Regulations have changed substantially over the years now being based on satisfying requirements rather than prescriptive rules. The flexibility built into the requirements ensures that client can achieve compliance by a range of different methods.

Approved inspector are readily open to review different and innovate methods of compliance as part of a service to its clients.

Of course it is still possible to appeal if you think your project shouldn’t have to comply with an aspect of the building regulations. In such a case, you can ask for a ‘determination’ by the government.

The role of the approved inspector, or as some call them, the district surveyor is to be proactive, giving sufficient up front advice to iron out any issues prior to the need for a determination as this can be costly and confusing.

Provisional up front advice is an important tool for Approved Inspectors it allows solutions to be considered at the outset, especially when it comes to the complexities of domestic extensions.

Building control fees are all inclusive, covering plan check, site inspections and support. These are competitive with those of the Local Authority. Whilst fees have to be paid to cover the service at Greendoor we believe that the added value of our service can save time and money.

Green Door provides excellent service for the clients in Darlington,our approved inspectors maintain additional skills in access consultancy, structural engineering and our parent company Stroma is able to support with SAP calculations and SBEM calculations. Often the Building Inspector is not the only professional service you will require. If you are constructing a new dwelling or commercial building is it verv likely that you will also need a SAP calculation or an SBEM calculations. These are thermal calculations that help to establish the level of CO 2 emitted from a building and thus determine compliance with the government standard. At Greendoor we can provide these as separate services, providing we are not carrying out the Building Control, if required.

Obviously with many professional service there is always a fee to pay. Our Building Control fees are always competitive with other Approved Inspectors and more often than not Local Authority Building Control.