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Building Control in Durham

Building regulations are mandatory in England and Wales. The regulations are enforced by the Local Authority, however a customer / client has two alternatives when deciding who to use for their Building Control approval. They may either use the Local Authority Building Control an Approved Inspector, who are approved by the Construction Industry Council to compete with a Local Authority.

The intention of the regulations is to make buildings safer for people in and about a building. These regulations first came into force shortly after the great fire London which devastated more than half of the city and forced the administrators to take steps to prevent the recurrence of such events.

When an extension, material alteration or change of use is intended those works need to be approved by a building control body. Building control bodies consist or Approved Inspectors and Local Authorities, it is the choice of the individual, agent or landlord to decide who is appointed to do the building control. The different types of building related works are grouped as

1. Domestic extensions or alterations
2. Non domestic extensions (Office Fit Out) or alterations
3. New Construction
4. Other Construction

If a client chooses to use an Approved Inspector it will mean that they no longer need to work with, contact or communicate with a Local Authority. The in house staff of the approved inspector now takes over the role, carrying out the plan check, site inspections and issuing the approval / final certificate as appropriate. The only contact the Approved Inspector with the council is to serve a notice at the outset of the scheme which needs to be served 5 days before commencement of the work. On complete a copy of the Approved Inspector final certificate is sent to the council for recording purposes only.

An Approved Inspector specialises in working with a client to advise them on the requirements and guide them through the approval process. They are not permitted to issue rejections, unlike the Local Authority and also do not impose time limits on clients to respond to plan check comments. Many say the approved inspector process is therefore quicker and more customer orientated.

The process of gaining Building Control approval in Durham with Greendoor is easy. Simply contact Greendoor and they will allocate you a Building Control project manager (Building Inspector) to work with you throughout the project. The project manager will be responsible for assisting your and ensuring that the Building Control aspects of your development run as smoothly as possible. Plans, if available will be checked and we will make helpful comments on methods for achieving compliance where errors are noted. The works will be inspected and we will work with your contractors to ensure compliance is achieved. At the end of a successful scheme we will forward the Final certificate.