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Building Control in Enfield

Violation of standards set by the government can lead to penalties and fines that can be easily avoided by appointing Building Control and following the Building Regulations enforced by the Local Authority. The property owner also stands to benefit from these inspections because after Building Inspector and District Surveyors approve the design and everything associated with it, the building can then be considered to meet the standard requirement, be energy efficient and safe to occupy. This will happen only when the inspector is completely satisfied that the standards have been achieved.

Inspections are an integral part of the Building Control process if you live in Enfield. That is true even for buildings designed to be workplaces. A new Office Fit Out is much investigable as a home and so if you have plans for a new office, you should get it checked and inspected by Approved Inspectors.

The benefits of having the plans inspected by experts are many. The first of those is that you will not be contravening the regulations and their possibly suffer legal action from the Local Authority. A Building Inspector after inspection will provide you with a certificate of completion which will give you reassurance and assist you in the future sale of your property.

District Surveyors will want to know what steps you have taken in order to make things easy on people with mobility impairments and ailments, they will also inquire about fire safety measures in place for the residents and how you plan on protecting them in case of an emergency. An Approved Inspector can assist you with this.

Last but not the least they will also want to know about the power efficiency of the structure and its overall stability. For energy efficiency and other matters, it is essential that they receive your SAP Calculations or SBEM Calculations. Building Control Fees are determined in most by the amount of time spent by your Approved Inspector on a scheme. Not paying your fee will however cost you more in terms of fines and penalties and in convenience in the long run. Hence, even if it is a simple Domestic Extensions you should not ignore the need to apply for consent.