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Building Control in Gateshead

The UK government has simplified the building control system so that building inspectors have the freedom to make decisions in the best interests of their clients. The approved inspectors are central to a regulatory system that achieves feasible results socially, environmentally and economically for sustainable constructions, extensions or renovations. In all these, the main objective of the district surveyors is their client’s health and safety in and about the building. Building Control is about achieving the government objectives and not about project managing a client quality objectives on site, this is the role of the clients clerk of works.

Not every contractor or engineer is updatedwith all the building regulations, policies and rulesset by the government. Yet, a legal requirement placed on the client to ensure that the scheme complies with the requirements of the Building Regulations without being illegal or unsafe for the occupants. It is a legal requirement to apply for consent, irrespective of whether the work complies or not. There are a selection of exemptions however, the approved inspector will be able to advise on these.

Energy conservation plays a major part in the building regulations. The governments objective is to save our later generations from being arid of energy resources. This being one of our main duties, our parent company Stroma provide an efficient scheme for SAP Calculations and SBEM Calculations. These calculations lay exact and detailed information ofyour energy consumption and make it easier to save energy in the newly constructed building.

Green Door provides one of the best building control / Approved inspector services in Gateshead whom you can hire at an affordable building control fee which is competitive with those of the local authority. Our objective is to make sure that developments whether domestic extension or commercial structures are safe for the occupants. We certify your construction with a completion certificate mentioning that we have been reasonably satisfied that compliance has been achieved. We are here to help remove the red tape from compliance.