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Building Control in Greenwich

Getting a building permit is essential if you are building any house, remodelling or having domestic extensions around your property. That is important because building approvals require routine inspections during the building process and can assure you that your new construction is according to the building regulations of the building control body. Some contractors may tell you that building approvals are not necessary on minor jobs like repairs, replacements and maintenance works, yet new power and lighting points or changes to existing circuits need necessary approvals. It is mandatory because all building approvals must meet minimum regulations, which protects the house owner from tattered workmanship and poor quality construction.

Most people are not sure how to start the construction process. Therefore, if you hire an approved inspector he ensures building permits for all your works. Approved inspectors take the responsibility of plan checking and inspection of your building work, once you appoint them. They get all the necessary approvals needed from local authorities. There are different types of applications which these inspectors will decide based on your proposed build, extension or alteration work. Further, building regulations require SAP Calculations , SBEM Calculations and Predicted EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) to be submitted for new dwellings prior to the commencement of work. Full plan is the most preferred option in any case. You can expect a decision taken within 5 weeks or 2 months with your consent. You will get a completion certificate within 8 weeks of completion of the building work as long as it complies with all building regulations.

Hire the experienced building inspectors in Greenwich, who provide services as structural engineering and work closely with professional district surveyors. These approved inspectors charge reasonable building control fees lower than local authority for the kind of work they service you to make your dream take shape right before your eyes.