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Building Control In Halifax

If you are thinking to build a new house, congratulations! You have taken the first step to become the engineer of your own living space and in essence, your freedom. However, residential construction comes with a risk if you are not well aware of the complete procedure involved. So, it is better to consider few details before taking the plunge. There is no cookie-cutter approach in building your home, which makes it a daunting venture.

The best part of building your own home is you get to customise it. Another great benefit to building your own home is you get to be on top of the current trends. However, this can backfire if you get something too specific to the fads, and could likely be an expensive process. Yet, in all this you need to make sure your design meets the building regulations, and get approved by a building control body before you even start the construction. Alternatively, you can hire an approved inspectors from the beginning as they will assist you through the process.

Approved inspectors often work with contractors, designers and clients to aid in the approval process. Often an approved inspector is referred to as a district surveyor.

Depending on the complexity of your design you may require the help from a structural engineering company to meets all building regulations. When you appoint an Approved Inspector they inform the local authority about your project at the outset using a document called the 'initial notice'. Once lodged the approved inspector remove the local authority from the control process.

Newly built houses and domestic extensions, depending on the amount of glazing can require energy performance certificates, which can be produced using SAP Calculations (domestic) software and SBEM Calculations for commercial property.

Building inspectors ensure you get all required approvals from the beginning till the end of the construction for which a building control fee is charged. At completion a final certificate is produced.

Find out the best approved inspectors in Halifax and ensure that your dream house takes shape flawlessly from beginning till end.