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Building Control in Harrow

If you are beginning a building project or remodeling the existing one, it is important to know what city building codes you must meet for the long term safety and security of your property. If you are doing it all by yourself, then thorough research and planning ahead will help save money, time and efforts at a later stage. There are three essential stages in the building regulations process which are pre-application advice, plan checking and site inspection. Further, all new buildings are required to prove conformity with the building regulations such as SAP calculations, SBEM Calculations etc., before building control can give you permission to build. The SAP calculation is a mathematical model and is the official method used in the UK to calculate the energy consumption or efficiency in buildings to assess compliance to UK building regulations and generate an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate).

Whenever new buildings or domestic extensions are put up they must comply with the general standards that ensure safety as well as local building regulations. Building inspections are an important safety measure for all new constructions. Both residential and commercial buildings including office fitout must undergo building inspections. But, there are significant differences in the inspections of these commercial and residential buildings. These inspections are done by approved inspectors. A building inspector is trained to spot any deficiencies or errors in any building in order to make sure that the building is secure to the people dwelling in there as well as to the neighbourhood. Approved inspectors offer flexibility and creativity to meet your development objectives and help you achieve full and total compliance to the norms laid.

If you are hiring approved inspectors or firm to do it, do not forget to look for the firm that provides district surveyors service, SAP calculations, SBEM calculations etc. at reasonable building control fees in Harrow.