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Building Control in Luton

Following the Building Regulations as define by Building Control is a necessary if consent is required. The regulations ensure that properties are structurally safe, dry and energy efficient. Homeowners may hire the service of inspectors either at an Approved Inspector or Local Authority Building Control. Obtaining consent means that works are not done so illegally but also to ensure that homes are compliant and prevents problems with future resale.

If you are building a new home, you should set out to ensure the Building Regulations are satisfied and appoint and Approved Inspector or other Building Control body to assist. This will ensure the health and safety of the residents but also of those living in the vicinity.

We would recommend that you therefore contact an Approved Inspectors in Luton and ensure that everything is in place. Look for them in your local telephone directory, you may find them under Building Inspector or District Surveyors.

Most types of construction, not just homes, are controlled under the Building Regulations to ensure everything is correct. One of the most important aspects to consider is the energy costs associated whether a home or office development. Offices are likely to use up more energy than homes and that makes SBEM Calculations even more relevant for offices than a SAP calculation for a home, this if often reflected in the cost between the two different types of calculations.

Whatever your needs are, there will be expenses involved in the exercise.

Building Control Fees are incurred only once, depending on the terms of the appointment, but the controls put in place help in making the home really energy efficient, safe and compliant with the regulations. So whether it is an Office Fit Out or a Domestic Extensions there will always be something that an inspector can help you improve. When choosing an Approved Inspector it is important to ask for recommendations.