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Building Control in Maiden Head

If you have never done anything connected with building or renovating your home or office, there is little chance that you will know about Building Control or what a Building Inspector or District Surveyors does.

These are professionals who are qualified to check plans for new construction or extension to your home. Approved Inspectors are capable of assessing the safety of a building and suggest changes to things they believe are not in the best interest of the residents or neighbours residing in the adjacent areas. There are several aspects that an inspector will most likely change but all of these are to ensure that the health and safety of the residents is not compromised. They follow the Building Regulations and Building Act that are in place. So whether it is an Office Fit Out or Domestic Extensions, these rules and regulations have to be adhered to. If you think Building Control Fees are too much to pay, let us point out the fact that without consent and a final certificate at the very least it could affect the future sale of your dwelling. In addition without the property thermal checks, which often cover SAP and SBEM calculations you may end up paying excessive energy bills. There are many Approved Inspectors in Maiden Head that can assist.

A normal inspection session begins with the inspector asking you about how you intend to build your property or extension, during this process they will check your proposals and highlight concerns that could affect the stability, fire, damp or other standards.

The inspection carried out to cover these aspects to name a few do not take too long to complete and spending a few moments with the inspectors should give you peace of mind that the works are progressing satisfactorily.