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Building Control in Newcastle

Any new building that is under construction or any domestic extensions or office fitout must meet certain building regulations. The builder must obtain a building control approval to get the legal protection from prosecution. The construction works must also ensure they meet the national government set standard. A building inspector will carry out periodic check to ensure that structure, damp-proofing, fire safety and other items comply. There are building control fees that are applicable, these vary from each approved inspector and Local authority, depending on place and type of work that need to be undertaken.

Another key area covered under the Building Regulations is electrical wiring. Often a part P certificate, issued by an accredited electrician is sufficient to satisfy the requirement. Heating and air conditioning system must also satisfy the efficiency standards. These aspects are controlled under Part L which is split into four sections to cover domestic and commercial existing and proposed buildings. As part of the Building Control process must new commercial buildings need to have input by the fire service. To satisfy this the approved inspector carries out consultation with the authority.

If an approved inspector is involve at an early stage, then they can often contribute with innovative technical solutions to assist overcome problems.

All new homes are required to undertake a SAP calculations, done to gauge the standard of energy efficiency achieved. While SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) provides an energy rating for you to benchmark your dwelling, SBEM (Simplified Building Energy Model) is a government approved methodology which can be used to calculate the energy required to heat, ventilate and light a building over a 12 month period when used under normal circumstances. All new buildings are required to have one of these two calculations to satisfy the requirement. So, it is good to choose the approved inspectors company in Newcastle who are specialized in SAP calculations, SBEM calculations and who also qualifies as Approved Inspector /district surveyors.