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Building Control in Reading

The way buildings are designed is constantly evolving and everyday there are new in technologies or technique that can be both beneficial and potentially dangerous for the environment and generate more waste than is permissible or consume more energy than is ideal. Part of the Building Control function is to ensure that new homes are constructed to meet the requirements of the Building Regulations. Appointing Building Control is a mandatory legal requirement in most instances and ensures that the government’s commitment to safety and energy usage is achieved.

Whether it is a home or an Office Fit Out, you are expected to get approval from an Approved Inspectors, Building Inspector or District Surveyors and have them make a detailed assessment of your home/office made.

The Usual Steps Of Inspecting a Home/office

An inspector does one of the following three things: inspections, advice and initiation of remedial processes. With Domestic Extensions, they will inspect things such as damp proof courses, fire precautions and the fire safety measures put in place. In addition to that they will also check for structural stability and energy conservation. SAP Calculations and SBEM Calculations are an important aspect of energy efficiency. It is important to have these carried out at the design stage. When all works are complete inspectors will issue you a certificate of completion which indicate that all reasonable steps have been under taken to check the work for compliance.


An important aspect to consider is the cost of your Building Regulations approval. Building Control Fees depends on several factors including the type of service you want and how big your property is in Reading. There could also be other considerations which need to be discussed with your expert. You should be able to find inspectors with the right profile and costs that fits your budget.