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Building Control in Sevenoaks

Any residential and commercial property got to be updated, renovated, remodelled or extended according to the trend and also for our convenience. There might be many reasons that you would want to modify the existing construction. You might be bored with the same old house that you lived in for long time or there might be necessity to make domestic extensions to accommodate more people or just to add more space. But make sure that all your ideas, plans, and designs meet the building regulations .

There is difference between planning permission and building regulations. The planning process is designed to guide the way our towns, cities and countryside develop. It covers the use of land and buildings, the way they look, landscaping considerations, highway access and the impact the development will have on the overall environment. Building regulations set standards for the design and construction of buildings to ensure the health and safety of the people that use them, encourage energy efficiency, and access for all. Sometimes the construction needs both planning permission and building regulations from the building control body.

As most of the people are not aware of the approved documents and where to get approvals from and when to apply, it is easy if approved inspectors are hired. The building control fees they charge is lesser than local authority’s. They work with you from initial stages and ensure you have all necessary approvals. These people work with designers and district surveyors to analyse the land and give the best design with the help of structural engineering that fits your requirements. They also ensures it meets all required local regulations. They get the energy performance certificate like SAP Calculations and SBEM Calculations .

Have a thorough research for best available building inspectors in Sevenoaks. Meet few of them in person and discuss your requirements and go for the right one.