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Building Control in South Shields

If you are planning a construction project, irrespective of whether it is a new house, office fit out or domestic extension, it is important to have an approved inspector or other Building Control Body on board to support. Every construction project carried out by architects, engineers or contractors generally need Building Control Approval with only a few exemption. The building regulations find their origins in the Building Act 1984 and have developed substantially over the years.

One of the changes was the introduction of approved inspectors, approved by the Construction Industry Council to compete with Local Authorities. Greendoor Building Control is one of the few approved bodies in the UK able to work in South Shields.

The approved inspectors not only check work, but work with you to achieve compliance and in doing provide guidance which can make a huge difference in the amount spent by clients.

The construction is verified by the building inspectors, throughout the scheme from outset to completion. This is done often by checking plans and works as they progress on site. Also known as the district surveyors, Building control officers makes reasonable checks to ensure clients satisfy the requirements of the regulations to ensure the health and safety of people in and about the building is maintained.

The inspector in checking the work gives guidance on areas that do not comply or any addition requirements that need to be considered. For instance, they can provide information regarding SAP calculations and SBEM calculations which are required for new building domestic and commercial buildings respectively.

Green Door has the expertise to work in all areas of construction In South Shields.

As with all building control submissions a building control fee is payable, however due to our wide network of coverage our fees are comparable with that of other building control bodies.