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Building Control in Stevenage

Building Control is a necessary to ensure the health and safety of the residents in the building and those around it. The requirements of the Building Regulations and legislations set by the government have to be closely followed however there are many different ways of achieving compliance to ensure the buildings are safe to occupy. Often due to the existing conditions, old buildings cause danger to inhabitants. Movement or architectural changes done to the building bring about radical changes to the structure and endanger its integrity. As approved inspector we cannot always control existing however we can provide helpful guidance to assist. The role of a Building Inspector does extends to cover most buildings, including dwelling houses, offices, retail and leisure facilities to name a few. It is therefore important that you discuss your construction proposals with an Approved Inspectors or other Building Control Service Provider before carrying out a development, including an Office Fit Out or any other residential / Domestic Extension.

Most new buildings that are being built or renovated these days are developed after the approval of a Building Inspector but the question is do you really need it? The general convention in the UK is to consult an inspector before building a new home. Failure to comply can lead to legal action being taken by the Local Authority. Therefore, yes, you should consult with your Approved Inspector or District Surveyors before proceeding.

SAP / Energy calculations are another important aspect that must be considered when building a new home. In order to get a proper estimate of how much your home will cost you in terms of energy bills. It is important therefore that you must hire an expert to carry out SAP Calculations and SBEM Calculations.

To understand in detail about the energy consumption patterns of your home, you will need to consult with an inspector in Stevenage. You will also need their services when extending your home. Without the approval of an inspector, you may not only be prevented from extended your home but may also be contravening the Building Regulations for not getting your Domestic Extensions approved. Building Control Fees differ from inspector to inspector and the nature of inspection. Do consider every offer available to you.