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Building Control in Sunderland

When construction has to be done, one may have many questions like Why do we need Building Control Inspections; How do approved inspectors work; Is it time saving; Is it cost efficient? etc. This is where Greendoor Building Control can help.

Greendoor prides itself on supporting clients understand rigorous standards.

The building inspection and services offered to clients by the Local Authority building inspectors and an approved inspector are fundamentally the same, albeit the Approved Inspector is not forced to impose time limits on client or issue rejections. Instead they work with clients to ensure compliance with the Building Regulations.

At Greendoor we work with several companies in Sunderland providing our approved inspectors or as some may call them district surveyors to assist them. Part of this role is carrying out plan checks the other part is carrying out site inspections. As each stage part of the service generally ensures we provide the clients with a comprehensive report to outline the progress and areas of concerns.

The approved inspector’s role is to check construction projects for compliance and any defects are notified to the client and contractors to ensure these are rectified.

The site checks carried out by building control cover elements such as structural stability, fire safety, damp proofing, ventilation, collision and impact to name a few.

Moreover, SAP Calculations and SBEM Calculations are required when a new dwelling or commercial building is erected. The calculations give an idea of energy consumption so that we can save the energy utilised in our house. As part of the building control role the inspector also ensure that the stated standards in the calculations are carried out on site. Sap calculations can also be required for excessively glazed domestic extension.

The building control fee is often similar to that of Sunderland Local Authority Building Control (LABC) but with the added customer service and support as could be expected from a private company.