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Building Control in Surrey

Building regulations advice or building control in Surrey is our speciality, we have years of experience working both in the private and public selector as well as professional qualification to back up our experience.

The Building regulations cover a wide range of subjects, including Structure, Fire, Moisture, Sound, Thermal and Access to name a few. As a company of Approved Inspectors we can advise you through the complexity of the regulations.

You do have two choice for your building control, you could either use the service of private approved surveyors or use the local authority building control. Each have different procedures however our service is tailored to assist the client, such as no application forms.

Here are a few instances of work that would be controlled under the Building regulations and would therefore require the service of building inspector or Building Control Body: i) Conversion ii) Extension iii) underpinning iv) Cavity wall Insulation v) new drainage vi) works to strip and repair roof and wall surfaces, Office fit out, new plant and lighting or other mechanical service.

The responsibility of achieving compliance with the Building regulations lies significantly on the main contractors or the builders, but ultimately rests with the property owner. If and when the district surveyors or Building Inspector finds fault in the plans or construction work, if the matter cannot be resolved amicably it is the Local Authorities responsibility to enforce action. It is important therefore that your Building Control service provider or Approved Inspector is proactive and works with all parties to ensure that everyone is fully informed of what is required prior to problems occurring.

If you are planning an office fit out or have domestic extensions in your mind, we would be pleased to offer you the use of our approved inspector service.



Unfortunately there are Building Control fees to pay whether you use an approved inspector or Local Authority Building Control. At Greendoor our Building Control Fees are bespoke to each and every scheme. At the outset of the scheme we will price our involvement and provide our client a structured fee letter so that they are aware of exactly what they will receive. In most instance we are competitive with all other service provider as well as Local Authorities and if we are not the likely hood is that through our value engineering checks we will be able to save you money on the construction of the development.

If you have already chosen to use another approved inspector or the Local Authority Building Control why not let us assist you with your SAP Calculations or SBEM calculations, our specialist have a wealth of experience