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Building Control in Tornbridge

The building control department ensures that all construction works, whether it is a domestic extension, alteration to an existing building, or the construction of a new building, complies with the building regulations and other related legislation. Approvals are required even to install services or fittings in buildings such as hot water cylinders, rainwater drainage, replacement windows and any fuel burning appliances.This is done by checking plans of proposed work and also by inspecting the work on site. The main purpose of the building regulations is to ensure the health and safety of people in and around the buildings, the conservation of energy and fuel, and the welfare and convenience of building users.

The control of building standards is completely separate from the planning system and not be confused with planning permission approvals. Approval under the building regulations does not mean that planning permission has been given, and vice versa.

Currently, every newly built house mandated to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) issued at the end of the construction. To get this, it has to undergo a Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) to establish the amount of carbon dioxide the house will produce from time to time. So, look for the firm which can provide even the services like SAP calculations and SBEM calculations.

Hire building inspectors who are well experienced and qualified professionals in Tornbridge that could help in your construction process and ensure to get all approvals from local authorities. They have individual building control fees for the process depending on the type of work undertaken. Approved Inspectors work with district surveyors , designers who use structural engineering techniques to draw the designs, and advise you on how the building regulations apply to work, check your plans, inspect the work as it progresses and issue a final certificate on completion.